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Political Parties In The Southern States

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Political Parties in the Southern States traces the changes presently taking place in the South and identifies their broader consequences. The South is undergoing a political revolution--from issueless politics to one of the most issue-oriented sets of party coalitions and policy alternatives in the nation. These studies, based on a 1984 survey of state convention delegates, explores fundamental aspects of the changing system. Concerns include the role of elite studies in interpreting trends in mass politics; the increasing institutionalization of American politics, particularly as effected by 1970 nominating reforms; and the realignment of southern politics, its present condition, and the continuing consequences for political positions, concerns, and clientele group support. Editors conclude their volume with projections of future consequences for southern and national politics. Researching political views and personal attributes of delegates to the 1984 national nominating convention, these editors choose six states as representative of the South. They then analyze characteristics that represent the standard subgroups of national interest. Emerging studies are organized under the following three sections: Party Reform and Party Systems introduces party reform, nationalization of American politics, and party change in the South. Party Reform and Southern Convention Delegates places emphasis on the roles of blacks, civil rights activists, women, and various age groups. Cultural Changes in Southern Party Coalitions covers topics such as the development of the two-party system, the impact of urbanization, and immigration. The volume concludes with a discussion of southern party coalitions.

Numerical "particle-in-cell" Methods

RRP $734.99

Algorithms known as "particle" methods, whose characteristic feature is the discretization technique when the set of discrete objects is introduced, which are model "particles" considered as some mesh of moving nodes, are becoming more and more widespread in mathematical modelling. Until recently, particle methods have mainly been developed as an alternative to classical numerical methods for solving problems in some applied domains of physics and mathematics. As a result, no specialized monographs on this subject have been available.
The aim of this book is to fill the gap in literature on this subject of numerical methodes and deals with combined Lagrangian-Eulerian schemes of the "particle-in-cell" type, the most widespread among particle methods. The authors describe a universal approach to the construction of such algorithms. The approach is based on splitting the initial problem by which the auxiliary problem with a hyperbolic (divergent) operator is separated. After special discretization of the solution, such a splitting naturally leads to the well-known schemes of "particle-in-cell" methods. Examples of calculations in this book give the reader an idea of the capabilities of particle-in-cell methods, their requirements to computers, and the degree of precision that can be achieved.
This book is primarily intended for specialists in calculations, who want to get a general idea of numerical particle-in-cell methods and the sphere of their applications. As a methodological guide, it will be of interest to undergraduate and postgraduate students, mathematicians and physicists specializing in mathematical modelling.

Paw Prints To Our Hearts

RRP $15.99

Each month members of the S.T.A.R.S. North Gold Coast Active Writers group were given the option of writing a 500 word short story or a poem which they would read out at the monthly meetings. This book contains the imaginative contributions that were submitted by the following writers.

An Alternative Approach To Special Relativity

RRP $24.95

This book is about the Theory of Special Relatively (SR), the introductory parts of which, and other general comments on science and physics preceding it, would be of interest to the general reader. The alternative description of SR proposed and developed in the book is essentially that of Newton's classical physics, except for the critical additional of a step properly expressing the travel time of light signals conveying information to the observer. The form of that step, in turn, is dictated by the requirements of SR as expressed through its essence, the Lorentz transformation. Conventional interpretations of SR phenomena are as the observer perceives them, in altered descriptions of space and time. The altered versions differ from those associated with the phenomena at the location of the event creating them, because the light signals, conveying the information from source to observer, involve certain travel times of the signals themselves. Thus, until deciphered, they are not a simple representation of times in the event of interest. When the alternative approach to representation of SR developed in this book is applied, the same results as those from the conventional approaches of SR are obtained. The expressions for quantities such as energy and momentum differ from the corresponding quantities in Newton's model for space and time. The alternative approach in the book simply provides a more intuitive route to and a logical explanation of the relativistic process.

Brothers Of The Heart

RRP $11.99

In this brand-new repackaging of the companion to Joan W. Blos's Newbery-winning book ofA Gathering of Days, Blos weaves another adventurous tale set against the backdrop of the Michigan wilderness in the 1800's.


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